Sense IV

Alert system for IV cannulae

Medical technology to sense for problems, alert staff and develop new procedures

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Sense for adverse events

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SenseIV is a multidisciplinary team developing wearable technology for healthcare to empower patients and staff in the use of peripheral Intravenous therapy. The existing devices are fitted to patients of all types, from neonatal to geriatric, to deliver fluids ranging from relatively harmless saline solution through to the most potentially toxic chemotherapy drugs.

The problem we aim to solve could affect up to one-in-ten of the 20m patients fitted with IV in the UK each year. For the patient adverse events may mean skin irritation, swelling, skin burns, amputation or greater harm. With the potential of short term, long term or permanent damage. These adverse events are not always caught swiftly.

SenseIV aims to catch adverse events in seconds, alerting staff to the patient so the damage can be averted. This solution provides a disruptive intervention that removes some of the burden of information overload from the hospital staff.

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Sense IV . . .

. . . supports clinical teams in discovery and diagnosis.


. . . remotely monitors and detects adverse events to alert staff swiftly, averting damage, managing medication accurately and learning from data in wards and hospitals.


. . . is a multidisciplinary team including expertise in medical device expertise, NHS clinical staff training, data science in highly sensitive domains, design research in healthcare.


. . . . is developing in south Wales, UK, SenseIV addresses a global problem.


Meet the team

Paul Lee

Paul Lee

Co-founder & medical devices expert

Over 30 years in the NHS as a medical device engineer, educator & researcher, chairman & director of NAMDET(ltd). Lead for Intravenous therapy and safety for Swansea Bay University Health Board.

Isobel Taylor

Isobel Taylor, PhD

Co-founder & design research

PhD in research and Design of a healthcare product; MRes in design for health. Consultant for medical design, logo design.

Sara Boltman

Sara Boltman

Co-founder & data scientist

Founding director of Butterfly Projects Ltd and Data scientist and consultant experienced in data integration and cloud migration architect in multiple domains (government, finance, telecoms, insurance).

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